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  • Nicole Sennett

The app

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I try to make the most of my weekends. I am a planner. I want to give my family the best experience every single weekend. I want to explore a new area, I want my son to have an educational experience and I want us to enjoy quality family time, and also grab an authentic meal along the way. So I usually start with picking a location. I love to explore, go on adventures, see new areas and learn new things. However, it takes a lot of planning. I spend countless hours flipping from app to app to website and back, mapping it out each time to see the distance between locations and then rearranging so it’s just perfect. One night, I asked myself, why isn’t there a solution to my problem? I go from AllTrails, to Yelp, To Tripadvisor, To Macaroni Kid, and back to google Maps driving myself insane. I try to find the best itinerary to fill everyone’s goal for the day and fulfill each person’s unique interests. Shouldn’t there just be a consolidated app that does exactly this? Seriously, why am I toggling back and forth between all these sites in the year 2021? I spend my entire night Thursday into Friday planning and rearranging over and over again in preparation for the weekend. I should be able to put in my location and my destination into one single app and then BAM, there are a bunch of suggestions along the way. Why am I wasting all this time when we have technology through the wazoo? Clearly, I’m not the only person doing this, am I? My family is adventurous and short on time. I feel like I only have the day or the weekend to get the full experience out of life. My goal is to create an app that simplifies life and populates a step by step itinerary to give the ultimate ‘DayTrip’ to anyone who travels, does staycations, visits towns or is just looking for a new exciting sight or activity along their everyday route. Maybe your destination is a brew pub or a concert, or a library or hiking trail. You should be able to press a button and have an itinerary populated that gives customized suggestions, maps it out and provides an estimated timeframe . We should all be able to have the best experience over a single day possible without hours and hours of planning. No wonder we are all stuck inside glued to our devices. Our devices should be utilized to get us out and make the most of every single day. Your device should be a tool that provides the means to create memories and experiences that last a lifetime!

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