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A Family Friendly Bike Trip to Buffalo Valley Rail Trail

The Buffalo Rail Trail is a 9.8-mile scenic trail through farm country of Union County, Pennsylvania. This trail has little traffic, is mostly flat and is a combination of paved and gravel. It’s a great ride for early riders and towing bike seats and trailers, making it a nice destination for families.

Start your daytrip at All Star Bagel’s in downtown Lewisburg. Depending on when you arrive, there may be a line. They offer fresh bagels and coffee to start the day with a nice selection of both sweet and savory bagels…this is a hit for the entire family. They are open from 6am to 3pm Monday through Saturday and open at 7am on Sunday.

Next, head over to the Lewisburg Children’s Museum and the let the kiddo’s burn off some energy. This museum is for children ages 12 and under. The children can shop at the grocery store, explore the space exhibits, visit the teddy clinic, climb through the tree house and more. The museum has different hours for summer and winter so be sure to check out their website before you go.

The Buffalo Valley Rail Trail awaits. There are several different places to park depending on the amount of mileage you want. If you are comfortable riding the entire rail trail and back, park at the Hufnagle Park on Market Street in Lewisburg. This is just shy of 10 miles to Mifflinburg (so, 20 miles if you are also biking back.) If you want to cut a good portion off the trail you can park in Vicksburg where the trail intersects with Beaver Run Rd. And as third option, if you are not certain how far you want to ride, simply park at the Mifflinburg Community Park along N. 5th Street between Hickory and Thompson and turn around whenever feels right. Either way, there is an option for all riding levels and lengths.

At the end of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail is Mifflinburg Community Park. The park is huge and provides sections for all ages. There are several levels of slides, climbing walls, bridges and more. Even the adults can sit at the numerous benches and tables to take a rest from the ride.

By now you most likely worked up another appetite. Stop by the Rusty Rail Brewing Company for lunch or dinner depending on what time you started your daytrip. You will be amazed at the size and architecture of this brew pub. Enjoy your meal inside or outside in the Bavarian style tables. With 15 brew barrels, they have a huge selection of craft beers from lagers, stouts, IPA’s and sours. Not sure which one to try, get a variety of 5 ounce samplers. There is also a game room on the second floor with pool tables, shuffleboard, board games, big screen TV’s and more.

If you still haven’t had enough for the day, there are two more stops to try. You can access these by car or by bike if you are heading back on the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail to Lewisburg. On the bike path you will see signs for Ard’s Farm. Ride your bike up the hill where you will find both Ard’s Market and the Purple Cow. Ard’s Market has a large selection of produce, locally sourced jams, honey, and cheeses along with a sizeable selection of baked goods and sweets. If you are more interested in ice cream, try the soft serve at the Purple Cow with a wide variety of flavors from seasonals like pumpkin to classics.

Hope you have an exciting family adventure! Nicole Sennett – Daytrip Expert

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