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Website creation

I chose Wix as the website platform. It was amongst the most highly rated and easy to use. It took me a couple of days to get acclimated to the program. The first day was a bit frustrating and I clicked a button about hiring website designers. My email, phone and text blew up with designers. Many of them showed their recent designs and honestly nothing blew me away. The minimum quote provided was $500. I figured I needed to be at the helm here anyway to provide blog updates, and keep track of subscribers so why not master it myself? After a few days, I had it down. I paid for a premium subscription, and it only cost $11 per month after a discount. I was also able to claim the domain which I thought was a huge score. That was an additional upfront charge of $22 I believe. I was a bit surprised no one else had taken the domain.

The program has a ton of pictures you can use for your landing page and then for each blog as well. I must say I enjoy going through and picking out a picture to match content. I went with a one page design platform that had sections. I was able to connect headings with each section. I decided on 6 different sections: home, about, video, blog, contact and subscribe. This should keep it simple and straightforward. I used the 50 word summary for the home page and the 200 word summary for the about page. I was certainly glad to already have these completed. I linked the animation to the video section, thank you Appsketiers. I have been trying to write a blog about the process every few days since the idea was incepted. My day job gets in the way, so these are intermittent but I try to make time to write about the process. My view is the worst that can happen other than probably being criticized is giving another person a step by step by guide to the process. I am excited to start writing blogs about the prototype which I hope is any day now. I think I will publish the site when I get a little more clarity on the launch date. Back to the 6 sections…I added a comment section to get feedback on the idea and hopefully stay ahead of the curve as the app is developed. From all the research I have been reading feedback is crucial to the development. It is my understanding you are to take in all the feedback for design and structure and also write back to each person that has taken the time to contact you. I also created a Subscribe section. As I mentioned in earlier blog, the idea is to get contacts. The more people you gather the more you can reach out to at launch. Hopefully this sparks interest and downloads.

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