• nicolesennett


I am not a fan of paying for apps. It seems so often that I pay for an app and never really use it. Not only that, but then I continually need to update my subscriptions to make sure that I’m not automatically being charged. (All apologies to the apps who successfully use it.) I’m sure anyone reading this has forgotten to turn off their automatic renewal for an app here or there and 1 year later is hit with an annual subscription fee for something they haven’t even opened in the last 10 months. I would prefer to not go down that road. If the app is good enough, in theory, it should attract a lot of users. A lot of users has to mean something for monetization, right?

Daytripper is almost the antithesis for devices as the purpose of this app is to get us out exploring the real world and getting us away from the need to be so immersed to the virtual world. The theory is that people will get out to explore more since planning will be simplified. Children will get more experiences in life and be less tied to the TV and videogames. We will learn more about culture and history as we visit more destinations or become more active as we plan trips around hiking and biking trails. Our palettes will grow as we use more mom-and-pop restaurants versus the obvious chains. Friends will easily get together for gatherings to connect and make lifelong memories at local pubs or karaoke. I don’t want the user to have to pay for this. The idea is to provide more life experiences to all users with simplicity and ease. Live more, plan less. Enjoy all that life has to offer with a couple clicks of a button; using technology to get us out and gathering instead of crowding around a device. That’s the vision, so as far as paying for this I would prefer not.

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