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The Writing Begins

In my research on app marketing the main project is to create both a 200 word summary and 50 word summary which are to be descriptions for the app store. Much like Google, it will need to have key words in the summary so users can search and have the app populate according to the search words. I thought of the first key words and then referenced an online thesaurus to make sure synonyms were added. Here is the list so far: travel, trip, locations, places, route, itinerary, planning, traveler, experiences, place, guide, eat, restaurants, map, and journey. I simply printed out the summary description and checked off each word to make sure all were included. After several days of writing and re-writing the final draft was created:

Looking for the perfect day trip? This travel app is designed to simplify your planning and create the ideal itinerary along a route or in a single location. No more flipping back and forth from app to app and, wasting valuable time and energy. Travelers can enter a starting location and ending destination and find top rated sights, points of interest, dining and more along their route. Whether you are headed to a show for the night, planning a staycation, or simply off to explore a new city or town, this app will give you options of some of the highest rated stops along the way with a map, estimated timeframe for departure and arrival, and reviews of waypoints along your route. Want to connect with friends along the way? Invite them to share and build your itinerary or follow you live on your journey as you check in to new destinations. You can easily move the different points of interest to reroute your trip and customize your itinerary to suit your needs. Ease the stress of your planning, organize with friends, and use the Daytripper app to create the perfect day trip experience!

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Daytripper app creates custom, no -hassle travel itineraries. Whether you are planning a staycation or going on a journey. Enter a destination and allow Daytripper to find points of interest along the way, generate a map and create an estimated time frame to share exclusively with friends.

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