• nicolesennett

The Leap of Faith

So here I go in my research. How do I create an app? I watch youtube videos, but I don’t have the slightest idea how to create code. Creating code for beginners, yeah right! I am a Mom and an employee, I have no idea where to begin. I also have total fear. I am pretty sure I have a good idea, but who can I trust? How do I know some company from the internet isn’t going to just rip me off and steal my idea? If I inquire with an app company and give them a detailed explanation are they just going take my idea and run? How do I know if the company is legitimate? So I started researching. In my research I find Appsketiers. The name totally sounds like an app pirate, right? Are they going to create my app, take my invested money in the development and steal it like a good musketeer? They even have a few swords in their logo. I have no idea. I did a simple google search. Appsketiers had a ton of review and ratings that were all over 4 stars. I don’t really know, but i am going to take a leap of faith in the company. So off with Appsketiers I go. I filled out the online information for an inquiry and hit submit.

Within a day or so, Natalie from Appsketiers gave me a call. I didn’t believe it at first and so yes, she called again. She explained the process. She asked a ton of questions, and I gave her a generalization of the app idea. I felt as though we had a good conversation and my intuition led me to believe this was a legit company. She even seemed to think it was a good idea. Natalie informed me about the process and how the company had a roundtable discussion about the idea before they would proceed. They weren’t interested in moving forward unless, as a team, they thought it was a good fit. A few days later she called to inform me that the team agreed to proceed. A group of people actually sat at a table (or most likely a virtual one) and discussed my idea? That’s exciting. They all agreed it would likely be successful with the right planning and marketing. They next connected me with Jeremy who must be the salesman and cost estimator. He was very straightforward. He ran through the budgeting costs, the step-by-step process and the estimated time frame. They were only going to create the app, not assist with any of the marketing. I filled out the questionnaire they provided and gave as much detail as I could write. They wanted to know everything

from the functionality, rationale, color scheme and title. “Daytrippers” was about to begin!

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