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Take a bike on the Delaware & Hudson Rail Trail

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Our family loves the Rails to Trails in Pennsylvania. The Delaware & Hudson Rail Trail (D&H Rail Trail) is a 38 mile out and back trail that goes from Simpson, Pennsylvania to just below the New York border. We have yet to do the entire route, and typically do a turnaround around mile 10 or so. This trail is smooth gravel and great for biking, but also hiking and cross-country skiing. It is a very scenic and secluded path that crosses over the Lackawanna River several times providing picturesque views and gorgeous scenery. The path is well maintained and there are several tables along the route perfect for a picnic. If you enjoy rail trails, this daytrip is a must!

Before you hop on the trail in Simpson, check out Barbour’s Bakery at 55 Salem Ave in Carbondale. This bakery has been around since 1912 and offers a great selection of breads, cakes, pies, pastries, and my favorite cream puffs. They typically open at 7am, so why not make a stop before you burn those calories on the trail? A bakery that has well over 100 years’ experience is a must on our list.

You may need a cup of coffee for a boost before your ride or to go along with that pastry you just purchased. Stop at Burning Bush Café at 64 N Mail St in Carbondale. Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee or ratchet it up a notch with an espresso or macchiato. They even have a drive through window if you are in hurry to hit the trailhead.

The southern end of the trail has plenty of parking at Morse Avenue in Simpson, Pennsylvania -coordinates 41.592270, -75.485690.

Once your ride is complete, you might as well enjoy some of the local flavor. Around the corner from the Morse Avenue parking lot on N. Main street is Petrosky Pierogies. Pierogies are made fresh daily when open. Grab a dozen to take home for the evening and dinner is ready. Order the classic cheese and potato or add some more flavor with jalapeno or other varieties.

Depending on where you are traveling from, you may want to end this Daytrip with pizza from the Pizza Capital of the World. With a name like that, how can you pass? Old Forge, Pennsylvania which is about 30 minutes southwest from the trail head is known for it’s rectangular ‘cuts’ of pizza. There are many places to choose from such as Revello’s, Acaro and Genell’s, Salerno’s Café, and Anthony’s Restaurant to name a few. Each restaurant is unique and pretty much guaranteed not to disappoint.

Nicole Sennett - Daytrip Expert

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