• nicolesennett


I had a minor panic attack the other day. I was on Tripadvisor and trying to find some things to do in the area. They have recently updated their app and it appears to show local dining near “things to do.” And, if you populate “things to do”, there is a map below that points out nearby dining. Yikes! It is almost as though the phone has been listening to me and shared my idea with the biggest and baddest travel app out there. After a couple breaths and a panic to the husband, I felt reassured our app is completely different. TripAdvisor is on the right path, but some of the distinctions of the app in development is the ability to create a map, detailed itinerary and share with friends. Tripadvisor starts you off with great ideas, but it seems to be more for the ‘winger.’ Daytipper is more for planning. I want to create an app that gives you an estimated timeframe with departure and arrival. The idea is to have a mapped out route to follow in advance of your trip, not while you are there. I also want you to be able to share with friends. My hope is that friends can not only see your itinerary and help you update or change, but also provide ability to pin your location along your travels. Things happen, parents run late getting kids ready or one drink turns into 2 and you are behind schedule. Wouldn’t it be great to allow your friends to hop in on your trip ½ way? Or maybe they just meet up with you for drinks afterwards. Sharing is a key component to this app and I am hoping it attracts a wider array of followers. I created it to pack my family with fun and have friends meet us along the journey, but wouldn’t it also be great to make plans for after a concert? Maybe you intend to go to one location, but end up at a different one, friends could check in and collaborate.

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