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Development Begins...

Within a few days, the design team sent over a few sample ideas of the cover page. I requested purple as the theme color because it is my son’s favorite color. I had 2 choices for the icon which where either white with purple or purple with white. I chose the purple with white as I thought it stood out a bit more. There were three symbols together to form a triangle. The first was a compass for directions, the second was a location pin and the third a plate for dining. Perfect. I thought the designer nailed it. It clearly showed points of interest, a compass for maps being generated and a symbol for dining along the way. From there, were three cover page options. The first choice was predominantly white with a purple spiral notebook – too nerdy I thought. The next was a White page with the words “DayTripper” in cursive. The three symbols were underneath the lettering with a purple swirl as a background. It was nice, but I thought relatively boring. The third option was the choice. It was a purple background with a bit of psychedelic feel as it faded from light purple to darker with the three symbols in a pyramid shape above the plain font words “DAYTRIPPER.” It was intriguing, different and definitely stood out, the icon and logo are now official!

After about 3 weeks I got an email back to preview the first few pages. I am still not certain how everything is going to flow together, but I am told that this is just to get a feel of the color scheme and font. They sent over 5 different screen shots of the app pages. I ran and reran through the functionality. If I am following everything correctly, the functionality seems spot on. I think it looks great. It has the purple scheme, with circular icon buttons, different category items to choose from, and a map connecting the icons. Pretty much everything I was looking for. I asked several questions by email and they informed me this was the next step. I had to approve the pages and then schedule a call with Jeremy. I approved everything and gave them a laundry list of questions by email.

Its official, the icon is developed and the vision is in place!

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