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BR what? ok, BRS - Business Requirement Scope

After going back and forth with Daytripper for the last 2 months we have finally completed the BRS. BRS Stands for Business Requirement Scope. This is basically the blueprint for the app that the coders will take to development. Appsketiers sent over each page of the UI/UX. They drafted a detailed step by step description of each of the screens being developed. It was 26 pages in length. Each page had a UI/UX screen and numbered references below indicating the usage for that screen. Each time it was sent over, I would review it, write down my questions and schedule a call with my contact person. There were always times available and I was able to chose from a 30 minute appointment to a 1 hour appointment. I had a great coordinator, Dylan. Our first conversation was about an hour long in which we went over the app login information, the primary features and then secondary features. He sent me documents already created from prior conversations giving an outline/summary of all the features of the app. He thoroughly read through all the communications before speaking. Each time I felt as though he really understood the app in detail, the overall goal of the app and how to get it completed most efficiently. We went back and forth a few times on the points of interest. I wanted to make sure that the points of interest would repopulate if the first location changed. Simply put, I didn’t want the app to find a point of interest that went backwards along the route. We discussed in detail the difference about using the app in cities versus a more a rural setting. We concluded that the user should be able to adjust the radius. 15 miles may be nothing in a rural setting, but way to extreme if exploring a single location. All in all, I approved the BRS and we are off to coding. I was informed that the coding will take 6 to 8 months from this point. So the waiting on development begins. In the meantime, the focus will be Marketing. When do we start and who do we choose? The research begins!

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