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It is starting to feel real. Appsketiers sent the preliminary animation video. We were sending the draft back and forth. Each time I felt it needed a few more edits. I had this epiphany that maybe 'staycation' should be a main word since it became such a trend during the pandemic. I also had a good friend read it over and she added a piece about exhausting energetic kids which I loved. After going back and forth for about 2 weeks, I think it might be perfect! It could only be 175 words or less and they expressed the importance of getting it right since it is hard to change the animation once created. Which I'm pretty sure was a polite way of saying they won't. They also wanted to know if the voice over should be male or female and we chose female.

The animation came back and I loved it. I decided to watch it over and over again to make sure it was spot on. After a good 10 viewings I wrote down the appropriate edits and sent back. It was nothing major. At about 46 seconds in, the character was too confused. They showed him with question marks looking around and I thought maybe the scene should show the character as overwhelmed instead of confused. The idea of the app is to simplify life for travelers. The voice faded out at the end, so that needed a little adjusting. as well. Oh, and I also sent in a picture of the editors so we could have our characters in the animation. This has a whole other side to it, but if you send in a picture they do take it literally! After the request we were in the video about 5 times and although I like myself, definitely not that much. So I had them keep the opening scene and then of course the drink at the bar which is completely appropriate. If we ever get famous for this app, this story has more depth and will be hilarious to tell.

After another 2 weeks, the final animation came back. I gave the final approval and the marketing video is ready to go. Holy crap, I guess, we better start marketing! This is getting real.

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