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Add friends?

I have started to learn about App Marketing. I asked the Appesketiers if they had any suggested reading material regarding this topic and they informed me it will be provided at the next stage of development. This made me a bit nervous as I am very type ‘A’. If we all want success, why not start now? Well, I guess that is what the internet is for. This last weekend I spent my nights reading about app marketing. It seems as though the first item is to see what other apps are out there and that are similar. The articles inform you to read all the reviews. The app that is most similar is “Roadtrippers”. I feel somewhat shortsighted in not trying the app a bit more before pursuing this journey. My mind jumped to the conclusion after reading the title that this was for longer distance travel, and I didn’t really read through it. I assume if my mind did this, most others users would as well. I downloaded the app and began using it. I start trying the app out for shorter distances and it is close to what I am looking for. However, it does not give the overall feel I am looking for. It seems a bit more sterile and ‘mappy’ compared to my overall goal. The app allows seven waypoints per trip and has a lot more added features than I am looking for such as hotels and campsites. So although I panicked at first, I don’t think this is quite the same idea.

After reading through the reviews, the biggest pain point is that it costs a fee. Apparently, it used to be free but now you must pay the $19.99 to unlock the features. I wasn’t intending on charging a fee for the app. Being the dreamer I am, my hope was that this would be free to users.

All of this led down the path of how I was going to get the word out on the app. I also started thinking wouldn’t it be a great idea to share your itineraries with friends? Can friends follow you on your trip and join up along the way? Can you share your location so they can see where on the journey you are? Maybe they aren’t early risers and don’t need to join you for your first stop? When my family leaves for the day it is first thing, most others aren’t quite awake yet. Wouldn’t it be great to have family and friends join you half way? This is just a story for my family, if you took us back 25 years to college days and we were side-tracked at a pub, wouldn’t it be great to login and let others know where you were? They could catch up with at each stop and gain momentum for the ultimate pub crawl!

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