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A Child Friendly Walking Itinerary for Historic Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful city with history and culture. It is also a popular tourist spot for families all around the world. During the summer tourist season, the heat can be a challenge especially when you are toting along children. Here is a child friendly itinerary that walks along River St. to City Market taking in the sights and incorporating stops for little ones to take a break and cool off.

First stop is breakfast, brunch or lunch depending on how early or late you want to start at B. Matthew's Eatery, East Bay Street, Savannah, GA. If you are driving, parking is usually available on Bay Street across from the restaurant. You can park your car for several hours with the meter and let your daytrip begin. B. Mathew Eatery has a great selection of dishes from traditional to southern plates offering shrimp and grits and biscuits with gravy along with a good variety for the children. There is something on the menu for all ages and preferences.

Next cross Bay Street and head North to River Street. There is a steep set of stairs to venture down at your own risk that take you to the historic cobblestone street along the river. If you are ready for dessert or just have a sweet tooth, make sure to stop in Savannah Candy Kitchen. They make most of their candy in house and if the timing is right, you may be able to sample a fresh and famous Southern tradition, pralines.

You can shop along River Street or cross the street and walk down by the water. The path by the river is better suited for children. Hopefully you will catch a cargo ship on the river heading to or from the port. It is quite a site.

Walk west on the river path until you reach the store Outside Savannah at 300 W. River St. There is a sandbox right outside the storefront. Let the children take their shoes off and play. This is a great time to allow one adult to watch while the other takes in the shopping of historic River Street.

As you walk farther west there are two different stops with water fountains. Let the kids run through the fountains, splash around and cool off from the heat.

By this time the adults are a bit hot as well, assuming you are visiting in the summer months. A family friendly stop at JW Marriot Savannah Plant Riverside District is a winner for all ages. Walk inside the airconditioned building and check out the enormous chrome dipped dinosaur fossil. Walk around the entire lobby for more fossils, artwork and exhibits. The displays will keep you busy and cool until the next stop.

Leaving the JW Marriot head east to Black Rifle Coffee Company. This coffee shop is veteran owned and operated and also hosts the popular Nine Line Apparel. There is a selection on the board for all palettes from iced coffee to fruit smoothies. Enjoy the different flavors of the famous Signature Sips with names such as Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross and Old Glory or grab a fruit smoothie for the little ones.

From Black Rifle Coffee Company head east. There is another set of steep stairs just beyond Two Cracked Eggs. After venturing up these stairs continue south to City Market. City Market is full of little shops for candy, souvenirs, ice cream, dining, and sometimes even live music. If you bypassed your chance for pralines, no worries, you have another chance at Savannah Candy Kitchen which has a second location in the market. If you are more of a history buff or even rebel, check out the Prohibition Museum. Although this is mostly geared toward adults, children are allowed in and there are statues, pictures and videos to keep them amused. (City Market also has a public bathroom, which you may need by this time.)

If you are a last-minute planner, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in City Market that don’t require reservations. If you are more of a pre-planner, you may want to look up the Olde Pink House at 23 Abercorn Street. This restaurant typically needs reservations a few weeks in advance. It is a popular tourist destination because it is in a historic 1771 mansion. As you walk to Reynold’s Square you can’t miss the pink building. The restaurant is open for lunch or dinner and according to some of the local ghost tours, remains haunted.

This completes your historic River Street itinerary and take you back to the famous Reynold’s Square just a few short blocks from your original destination. Hope you enjoy your Savannah, Georgia travels!

Nicole Sennett – Daytrip Expert

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